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Auto Glass USA - Glendale, CO

Mobile Windshield Repair and Auto Glass Services in Glendale, Colorado

For motorists in Glendale, Colorado, it makes sense for Auto Glass USA to be the first port of call when it comes to windshield repair and installation. We are only a few miles away – in Englewood – and we are recognized as one of the best and most reliable auto glass specialists in the state.

Our company has been in the business now for more than 26 years and over that time has gained an excellent reputation for the delivery of services and for honesty and integrity throughout the greater Denver area. Every month we offer special deals on all types of auto glass including windshields.

If a windshield has a chip that is bigger than a quarter coin, then the entire windshield has to be replaced for safety reasons. All our employees are fully trained and qualified, they will give you a free estimate for the job and offer a price match guarantee.

We can do auto glass repair and replacement work either at our shop in Englewood or at your home or place of business in Glendale – whatever suits you the customer. The employees we have operate a mobile service and can very easily come to you.

Apart from windshields we will fix and replace any damaged glass on your vehicles including vent glass, side glass and back windshields. We do not carry out any window tinting on vehicles.

The process for repairing a windshield chip involves drilling a hole in the middle of the chip, vacuuming out any excess particles, injecting resin into the chip, and cooking it with ultraviolet lights.

If we have to replace a damaged windshield, our teams will remove the old glass, along with any old urethane substance from the pinchweld, clean the surfaces, apply a new layer of urethane, install the windshield, and clean any mess left behind. 

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